Trent A. Howell
P.O. Box 2304
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504
Phone: (505) 919-9158


  • Spam and junk-mail filters may delay or prevent delivery of your initial e-mails to Mr. Howell. This occurs (a) until your e-mail address is recognized as a retained client, and (b) because a typical case summary includes words that trigger spam filters. Please be patient.

  • Employment and business separations are emotional, and the first call to an attorney is often the first time you “vent.” Mr. Howell tries to hear out all contact from potential clients. However, he has limited time, resources, and practice areas. Initial discussion may not be as long, or as focused on details you deem important, as you may prefer, and Mr. Howell must decline many potential clients to preserve time for existing clients. Please do not read these decisions as offensive, unprofessional, or as negative judgments on you or your case.