On July 8, 2020, we filed Morgan Wood v. New Mexico Public Defender Department and Bennett Baur, Chief Public Defender, an action under the New Mexico Whistleblower Protection Act (“NMWPA”), New Mexico Fair Pay for Women Act (“NMFPWA”), and New Mexico Human Rights Act (“NMHRA”) in the County of Santa Fe, First Judicial District Court. View the Complaint here. Persons with information may reach us via our Contact Form.

Anyone giving truthful testimony is protected by law. WPA subsection 10-16C-3 forbids “any retaliatory action” against any public employee who “communicates to the public employer or a third party information about an action or a failure to act that the public employee believes in good faith constitutes an unlawful or improper act; [or] provides information to, or testifies before, a public body as part of an investigation, hearing or inquiry into an unlawful or improper act.” WPA, NMSA § 10-16C-3.